Our Goals

Our goal is the heart of the 3E Scholarship Scheme, in which we are committed to advocate and promote Higher Education scholarships for prospective students from underprivileged and disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is full commitment to improving ourselves and our communities, through one of the best ways of community enlightenment and empowerment, which has proven to be education.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to help tackle the issues of inequality in the UK by prioritising and easing higher education accessibility for individuals from underprivileged, disadvantaged backgrounds, Asylum seekers and other under-represented groups.

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Our Values

We value education purely because of its contributions to civic, political and community life. The principles of education transcend in transforming lives. Education plays an essential role in advancing social justice and has already primarily contributed positively to advancing our human civilisation.

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We advocate and promote scholarships through the mobilisation of very passionate and compassionate university students and advocates who lead the initiative by campaigning, petitioning and lobbying universities to offer scholarships to prospective students from the focus groups. We also aim to encourage businesses to sponsor talented potential students from the focus groups to be offered scholarships at universities.

Furthermore, the 3E Scheme is committed to engage with university outreach officers to deliver workshops to schools and colleges where students from the focus groups attend. This will potentially encourage prospective students in these categories to consider applying to their universities of interest.


We acknowledge and understand that university tuition fees often leaves students to have substantial financial debt, which can have a tremendous strain on both students and their families. To help in easing the access to attain a university degree, we are and always will be committed to advocating for university scholarships for those who are academically eligible, to enable them to pursue higher education degrees to fulfil their fullest potential and unlock future opportunities.


Our vision is to engage and work with individuals from communities that face daily challenges ranging from rising poverty, homelessness, and inadequate social care. This is reflected by the increasing numbers of individuals surviving on food banks in the UK. If we aim to try to build an equal, just, and prosperous society we must eradicate the root causes of inequality, such as the lack of equal opportunities. Hence, we are committed to continuing working with the focus groups to limit the socioeconomic barriers that restrain individuals from reaching their fullest potential. Through education, we hope that individuals from underprivileged, disadvantaged, and under-represented communities will become more empowered to continue playing an active and positive role in our society.


The power of education extends beyond developing the skills we need for leadership and economic prosperity. The power of education has proven to contribute to fortune and successful social status, equality, and nation-building. Hence, it is our duty to uphold the principles of education and uphold its values.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela